As 2018 draws to a close, SCHC looks with great pride on another year of incredible growth. The number of patients who have chosen the Community Health Center as their medical home continues to steadily increase at our facilities in both Sioux City and South Sioux City.

SCHC is an incredible place. Here’s why:

  • We treat everyone with respect and compassion – it makes no difference where you work, where you live or how much money you make.
  • We provide a full range of medical, dental and behavioral health care and an on-site pharmacy. That’s the true definition of a medical home.
  • We are entering new partnerships with organizations and businesses in our community to address the social determinants that impact our patients’ health.

As we approach the end of the year, we come to you with a request for support. Our request is modest and any gift means a great deal to us. Every dollar we raise goes to support the patients in our care.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

There are many ways to support the Siouxland Community Health Foundation:

George’s Place:
The Siouxland Community Health Center has established an in-house resource for adults and children who are in desperate need of new or clean clothes.
It is not at all unusual to see patients young and old come to a doctor’s appointment in clothes that are well beyond their useful life. To see a young child in torn or dirty clothes or a senior citizen with no socks in the dead of winter is sad and unfortunate.

In response to this need, the Siouxland Community Health Center created “George’s Place” – an on-site closet full of new, clean clothes. Socks – t-shirts – underwear – shirts – jeans, coats, etc. We are able to purchase the clothes thanks to the generosity of our staff and outside donors. When a patient, young or old, comes to us in that condition we will make sure they leave in new and clean clothes. Your donation to the Siouxland Community Health Foundation helps us continue to restock the closet with new clothes.

Cribs for Kids:
In 2014, Siouxland Community Health Center began offering prenatal services in partnership with the Crittenton Center and Siouxland Medical Education Foundation. Since its implementation, the SCHC prenatal program has provided care to hundreds of expecting mothers, and with the help of resident physicians at Siouxland Medical Foundation, over 400 deliveries are expected this year. To help ensure these children have safe and healthy starts, the health center is participating in the Cribs for Kids program. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Cribs for Kids is a National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative that promotes education about safe sleeping and has provided cribs to families throughout the United States. A gift to the SCHC Cribs for Kids program will help provide this education and cribs to new mothers and babies in our care. A gift of $100 purchases two cribs.

Unrestricted gifts allow us to earmark the resources to the area that demonstrates the most significant need. That could come in the form of paying for transportation to allow a patient to make it to their appointment or assisting a family with emergency funds to buy food for their children.

Just this past year, the Siouxland Community Health Foundation has provided assistance to families who have faced significant challenges in many areas of basic needs like housing, food, clothing and transportation.

To send your charitable donation by mail, please address to:

Siouxland Community Health Foundation
Attn: Brendyn Richards
PO BOX 1026
Sioux City, IA 51102
(712) 224-1815


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